New Year's Eve in the Tyrolean mountains

The festival at the end of the year

Celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve in the mountains is always an exceptional experience. The impressive scenery of the Nordkette in combination with the romantic townscape, cannot be compared to anything else, and Innsbruck offers the best setting for this. The city turns into a party mile with many shows, the new year is announced with fireworks.

Innsbruck shows a fulminate world novelty in the context of the New Year's Eve celebrations: the INNS'ceneration along the Inn. A 250 m long optical stage is created on the surface of the water, which serves as a projection surface. Artificial fog is the screen, and the show itself combines light, water and sound effects.

New Year's Eve for Kids

Date: 30 December, 2019
New Year's Eve with the family - no contradiction in Innsbruck, because the smallest ones are already part of the big program.  Innsbruck's mountain New Year's Eve starts on 30 December. On this day, the historic old town of Innsbruck will be transformed and will offer a beautiful backdrop for the "Zwergerlsilvester". This year's motto is "animal celebrations" and play stations around the animal world of the alpine region invite you to join in. 


Location Oldtown Innsbruck
Date 30 December 2019
2 - 5 p.m. Zwergerlsilvester - Motto: celebrate with animals
5.30 p.m. Prepremiere suitable for children: INNS'zenierung at the river Inn
Nordkette Cloud 9 Children's New Year's Eve

Date: 30 December 2019 - 3 p.m. 

By far, the most relaxed party location in Innsbruck is located at 1902 m. The igloo bar becomes a party location for New Year's Eve children, serves drinks for young and old, and offers a great children's program for party tigers from 0 - 14 years. Special supporting programs and fireworks included.


Date 30 December 2019
Location Seegrube Innsbruck 
Start 3 p.m.
Tickets Nordkette Innsbruck (Freizeitticket Tirol) 
no entry fee; the regular rail tariffs apply
INNS'zenierung - Show spectacle on New Year's Eve

Date: 31 December 2019 from 18:00 h 
New Year's Eve as a big spectacle in the middle of the city: the new show "INNS'zenierung". At the Inn, artificial wafts of mist are created as a backdrop for a cool light and sound show. At least as impressive as fireworks! The big fireworks on the Seegrube can still be seen even when the sky is clear. 


Location Oldtown Innsbruck - banks of the Inn
Datum 31 December 2019 
Start 6 p.m.
Fee free of charge
Nordkette Mountain New Year's Eve

Date: 31 December 2019 
New Year's Eve on the Nordkette is something extraordinary. High above the city of Innsbruck, the New Year is announced with a magnificent fireworks display. Impressive are not only the fireworks at 1,900 m above sea level but also the spectacular view over the whole Inn valley. 


Date 31 December 2019
Location Seegrube Innsbruck 
Start 8 p.m.
Ticket sale Nordkette Innsbruck