Innsbruck in Autumn

When the mountains are glowing!

... it's autumn in Innsbruck. To enjoy the breathtaking scenery, it's worth traveling to the capital of the Alps from October. A walk through the woods around Innsbruck or the lovingly preserved grounds of Ambras Castle will give you unique impressions - a play of colors of a particular kind! The hiking world around Innsbruck is a real paradise for every hiker. One hundred marked hiking trails 

guarantee that every hiking fan will  fan will find his dream path. The routes mostly lead to medium altitudes. Depending on your physical condition, you can hike up or take the cable car in part of the ascent. Almost everywhere there are managed huts on the way, which are often also a worthwhile culinary destination. A special highlight are the themed hiking trails such as the Almenweg, Adlerhorst or Zirbenweg.